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  • Binh Phuoc: Application of modern technologies in production of cashew nuts

    Apr 29th, 2016

    Binh Phuoc is the capital of cashews, but most of the production facilities here are sorting nuts by manual methods. Since the application of modern technology, manufacturing and processing of growing things and bring more practical benefits, such as improved product quality and ensuring food safety ... Thus, no Many enterprises in the province have been successful and expanding production scale.

    Binh Phuoc: Application of modern technologies in production of cashew nuts

    Hoang Dat Company Limited in Hamlet 2, Tien Hung commune (Dong Xoai), went into production in 2007, specializing in trading, import and export of agricultural products. At first, the company mainly focused on commodities due to the large amount of coffee. But only one year later, the company has switched to trading, import and export of cashew nuts. Despite business relationships with a number of overseas customers, but the company does not have stable sources for failing to create a "foot centipede" in procurement. Therefore, companies have to import raw cashew from African countries, then sold to businesses processing, splitting and re-enter to export goods.

    Initially the company only had 15 employees working at the stages of sorting and packaging products. Do do so manually by sorting nuts and time-consuming work by each employee classification only from 150-300kg / day. Output of large companies that do not sign the contract only small, the average per month is only 32-40 tons of cashew nuts. Before that situation, grasp the overall trend and practical reference for many businesses. May 4/2015, Industry Promotion Center and Consultancy Binh Phuoc industrial development was partly financial support to the company to buy a color shot $ 1.2 billion. Firing machine color sorting function by color cashews and sizes, designed with the panel by Vietnamese easier to understand and remember long after a practice session, workers have mature operations. The company has 5 employees ran just pouring machine, packaged product, if the shipments are broken, the minimum capacity many also reach 600kg / h, if the goods pretty evenly, the capacity up to 2 tons / hour . The time each month, the company exports from 95-127 tons of cashews and in stock from 80-120 tons always have. Due to the initiative of manpower and means the company signed many large contracts with long time. Cashew export market of the company is expanding into the Americas, Australasia and Europe.

    According to Nguyen Thanh Tuong - Deputy director of the Center of Industrial Promotion and Development Consultancy Binh Phuoc Industrial: Replace grading seed sewn by modern machinery in order to save time and labor, improve labor productivity, user-friendly production environment. At the same time, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, quality, food safety, promoting the development of rural industries. Currently, the Center is to encourage enterprises to invest in modern technology to enhance the production value of the product.

    Source: Journal of Industrial and Consumer