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  • Binh Thuan province has 16,722 hectares of harvest

    Sep 11th, 2015

    The Department of Agriculture and Rural Binh Thuan recently attended preliminary meeting production, intensification and improvement grafted varieties, developed by the Steering Committee that sustainability, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held officials in the city. Ho Chi Minh.

    According to the General Statistics Office, the country area that is 294,000 hectares in 2014, is grown mainly concentrated in the southeast region, accounting for 60% of that country. 2015, based on the same amount of units sold, forecasting that the nation area may increase and reach about 300,000 ha.

    Binh Thuan present area of ​​trees about 17 720 ha; in which the area is 16 722 ha were harvested, acreage of 127 ha new. The current average yield of 6.4 tons / ha, and the yield 10 811 tonnes.

    Besides, according to the DCP, replanting and planting grafted cashew renovated in 2014 - 2020 of about 60 thousand hectares nationwide. Consisting of 45,000 ha and 15,000 ha planted replanting grafting improvement for the area pests old thing much, much unsatisfactory. Cashew Development Goals by 2020 in the country stabilized around 300,000 ha area ...

    Ngoc Han

    Source: Binh Thuan