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  • Cashew production falls by 50 pc; processing units import raw nuts

    May 10th, 2016

    Suppliers of processed cashew nuts have now hinted that the price of cashew nuts may rise on account of higher costs.

    Noted businessman Madhav Sahakari, who has a cashew processing unit, told The Goan that they are forced to procure raw cashew nuts from abroad this year.

    “We have already booked our order with Tanzania, Indonesia and other African countries. We were completely dependent on local production, but this year it has dropped by more than 50 per cent. It\\\'s mainly because of climatic factors and the situation is the same across India,” Sahkari said.

    According to Sahakari, cashew season starts early in Kerala and they buy 10 per cent of raw cashew nuts from the southern state every year. “This year, we had no option than to place orders with foreign countries,” Sahkari added.

    Sahakari said the processed cashew nuts are supplied in Goa, Mumbai and Gujarat. “I don’t export cashew nuts, but focus on domestic market,” he said.

    Sources from Goa Bagayatdar said productivity was less this year. “Cashew season has almost come to an end, but we have not received cashews in large number as compared to last year. It is dropped by 50 per cent,” an officer of Goa Bagaytdar said on condition of anonymity.

    Presently, Goa Bagayatdar buys raw cashew nuts at Rs 140 per kg and sources said Kerala sellers offer it for Rs 120 per kg.


    * Processed cashew nut suppliers hint of price rise on account of higher costs

     * Processing units forced to procure raw cashew nuts from abroad this year

    * Orders already booked with Tanzania, Indonesia and other African countries

    * Drop in production is attributed to climatic factors and situation which is said to be same across India

    Won\\\'t procure cashew nuts

    from outside: Sawaikar

    Chairman of Goa Bagayatdar and MP Adv Narendra Sawaikar said they will not procure cashew nuts from outside the State.

    “Since the Bagayatdar is a farmer’s cooperative, we are committed to give maximum possible rate to the raw cashew nuts of shareholders. But as we are not into processing, there is no question of procuring from other states,” Sawaikar told The Goan.

    There are about 10 processing units in Ponda taluka, which are dependent on local production. Some also buy from Kerala and Maharashtra. The rate of Kerala cashew nuts is less than Maharashtra and Goa.

    Nagesh Komarpant, Zonal Agriculture Officer at Ponda, told The Goan that cashew nuts from Goa are tastier as compared to other states. “Cashew nuts from Goa are good in size and also has good taste. It is unfortunate that this year the production has dropped,” he said.

    According to Komarpant, the zonal agriculture office at Ponda supplies over 40,000 cashew grafts to farmers every year, but this year the production dropped to 50 per cent compared to last year.

    The cashew plantation in Ponda taluka is spread over 5,000 hectares. “Every year, 10 hectares is added to the existing production land. We have 2000-odd farmers, who cultivate cashews,” Komarpant said.

    He said there are four varieties of cashews in Goa, which are in demand. “They are Vengurla 4, Vengurla 8, Vengurla 7 and Balli 2. Among them Vengurla 4 has more demand. As of now we have sold almost 14,000 grafts of all these varieties,” Komarpant informed.