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  • VINACAS Chairman welcomed the delegation of senior officials of Ivory Coast

    May 31st, 2019

    VINACAS Chairman Pham Van Cong warmly welcomed Mr. Achi Patrick - Minister and Secretary General of Ivory Coast President and members of the Ivory Coast Government delegation to Ho Chi Minh City. HCM, visit VINACAS Office and work with VINACAS Chairman, and introduce about Vietnam cashew industry and VINACAS activities. In particular, VINACAS always pays attention to building up relations and cooperation with Ivory Coast partners, specifically signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ivory Coast Council (CCA) and Ivory Coast Exporters Association (AEC-CI), regularly exchanging delegations and cooperating in four areas: information, agriculture, trade and technology.

    VINACAS office with Ivory Coast Consulate Office in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, CCA Office in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM regularly exchanges information and advises leadership on mechanisms to enhance cooperation and support the business community of the two countries.

    VINACAS Chairman Pham Van Cong emphasized some difficulties and obstacles that Vietnamese businesses are interested in in the 2019 - 2020 crop, which is the quality of raw cashew imported to Vietnam, the control is not allowed to be mixed. In addition to the new case, the loss of personnel is much more harmful than the loss of raw cashew nuts and the Ivory Coast's national brand. It is worrisome if the two-year old case is transferred to 2020. Currently, Vietnam has officially promulgated the TCVN on raw cashew nuts; VINACAS will send Ivory Coast partners the original English version for reference and joint implementation in the near future. Vietnam will also issue a standard on cashew nut kernel with silk shells because there are now significant quantities of cashew nuts and silk shells imported from Ivory Coast to Vietnam.

    VINACAS Chairman Pham Van Cong said: "In the context of the whole cashew industry and global value chain facing difficulties due to the general evolution of the world cashew economic situation, the price of raw cashew depends on cashew price and situation. Raw things in Tanzania as we all know, VINACAS is looking forward to the Ivory Coast Government based on the experience of other countries to have mechanisms and policies to support Ivory Coast farmers and businesses . On the Vietnamese side, the Government of Vietnam pays great attention and supports enterprises in cashew industry over time. Vietnam is a WTO member and is approaching the market mechanism. For cashew industry, Vietnam and India are committed to purchasing 100% of materials in the world for processing, export and consumption ”.

    “We welcome the Ivory Coast Government to have mechanisms and policies to support investment and cooperation between the two cashew enterprises in Ivory Coast, so we hope the parties create conditions to ensure security and security. and labor in the locality, ensuring the business efficiency of businesses on the basis of mutual benefit ”.

    VINACAS Chairman Pham Van Cong wished the visit and working of the Ivory Coast Government delegation in Vietnam a great success, opening up new opportunities and prospects in exchanges and cooperation between the government and The people of Ivory Coast and Vietnam, including the cashew industry of the two countries. If there is concern and elevation of diplomatic and cooperation relations between the governments of the two countries, the industry of the two countries will have opportunities to develop strongly together.

    Mr. Achi Patrick - Minister and Secretary General of Ivory Coast, thanked the cordial reception that VINACAS leaders gave to the delegation. At the same time, emphasizing that Ivory Coast and Vietnam have many similarities, the potential for cooperation, especially in the industry is very large. Currently, the Vietnamese community living and working in Ivory Coast is also quite crowded, many Vietnamese technicians often cross the Ivory Coast at the beginning of the season. Through this visit to Vietnam of the delegation, Mr. Achi Patrick - Minister and Secretary General of Ivory Coast believes in the cooperative relationship in the fields where the two countries are strong, especially the cashew industry will be concerned, further strengthened in the future.

    Mr. Achi Patrick - Minister and Secretary of the Ivory Coast President said that, currently, the Ivory Coast cashew industry is operating conditionally, the State promulgates the price base of cashew on the world market to support for cashew farmers. In terms of processing, investment is being paid attention, but only 10% of the total domestic harvest is processed. Ivory Coast is very interested in Vietnam's processing industry and machinery. Ivory Coast needs to import machinery and processing equipment, and hire technical staff to train and process instructions for businesses of Ivory Coast. Ivory Coast wishes to learn about processing experience from Vietnam in operation, maintenance of machinery and equipment, processing of by-products, ...

    Achi Patrick - Minister and Secretary of the Ivory Coast President asked VINACAS to pay attention and support the cooperation between the two countries in the coming time, and will convey VINACAS's information and suggestions. to related organizations in Ivory Coast to exchange and answer directly with VINACAS. Hopefully, after the official visit of the State of Ivory Coast at the end of this year, the two Vietnamese States - Ivory Coast will have new developments, wishing the industry of the two countries to grow and win.