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  • Warning sale of crude now Ivory Coast

    Sep 11th, 2015

    In the Ivory Coast, recently made a few companies selling crude fled after receipt of customer deposits Vietnam.

    According to the Council of cotton and cashew nuts Ivory Coast (CCA), the insurance companies have been granted export license in 2014 but has not been renewed in 2015. Also according to regulations, enterprises Ivory Coast if licensed products Export means nor be entitled to buy domestic. So when buying and selling businesses, trading partners Ivory Coast must be careful and learn skills for partners before signing the contract.

    CCA said that from next year's crop will continuously update the list of exporters of raw cashew Ivory Coast to customer references.

    For advice crude imported from the Ivory Coast, you may contact Mr. Nguyen The Phiet - VINACAS representative in Ivory Coast on Tel: 0913 846 968. Email:


    Hong Hanh

    Quote Newsletter dated 09.12.2015 VINACAS